Hiring The Right Tax Attorney For Your Needs

Everyone needs some advice at some point of time as he/she cannot be all knowledgeable and can’t know everything in all matters of life. In the legal field of taxation this advice can be advantage for you and can save you from many uncertain situations.

In this materialistic world everything has its price and you need to remember if you want to get a professional advice then you should expect it will cost you something. But once you have hired a good tax attorney Los Angeles he will be a great asset for you. He will help you so because he/she is knowledgeable person in the field and knows how to handle your financial matters professionally.

As simple as it seems you must be thinking sometimes what a tax attorney Los Angeles really does. Then you can find the answer for your question here-a tax attorney Los Angeles is a person that works with individuals, P.O.’s (private organizations), NGO’s (Non Government Organizations) and GO’s (Government Organizations) to set straight their issues related to taxation and in some cases management of their finances.

So in general the income tax attorney Los Angeles deals with a pile of paper work for your taxes, does accounting of the taxation and the trial work if you somehow got involved in matters of legality (in this case tax lawyer Los Angeles is going to speak for you in the court).

Adding up to all this they can also help you to work out the most convenient payment plan by bargaining with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). What is more they can also offer you their legal advice on the matters linked to buying a property, pensions, capital gains taxes and taxed gifts. So when we said they will be an asset to you it wasn’t a joke.

Income tax attorneys in Los Angeles may help you with your financial matters but in the end everything depends on your willingness to take their advice.

Do You Need a Tax Attorney? 
The vast majority of tax problems can be solved without the assistance of an attorney. In fact, Enrolled Agent’s (EA’s) are the only federally licensed practitioners that are granted a license by the IRS. According to IRS.gov “Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards.” (source: http://www.irs.gov/Tax-Professionals/Enrolled-Agents/Enrolled-Agent-Information). Enrolled Agents must pass a three part exam and they must complete 72 hours of continuing education every three years.

Unlike attorneys, EA’s specifically focus on helping taxpayers solve their tax problems. CPA’s and attorneys may be licensed practitioners, like EA’s but this does not mean, necessarily, that they specialize in solving serious tax problems of individuals and/or businesses.So when do you need a tax attorney? If you are being investigated for tax fraus or if you are accused of a crime related to tax fraud or evasion you need a tax attorney. For almost all other tax problems, you may not need an attorney. Attorneys typically require a retainer fee and they also charge by the billable hour. Many tax cases can require more work to resolve than originally anticipated by the client or the attorney and, as such, the total cost of resolving the tax problem can escalate substantially from the time a taxpayer first engages an attorney.

Can I use a CPA? Yes. You can use a CPA, however, like tax attorneys, many CPA’s do not specifically focus on resolving serious tax problems like multiple years of non-filed returns, FBAR penalties, tax liens and levies and IRS wage garnishments. If you are considering using a CPA you should always ask them how long they have specifically been focusing on resolving serious tax problems as most CPA’s generally help taxpayers and businesses file annual returns and keep their books in in order.Why is an EA the best choice? An EA is the best first choice for taxpayers with serious tax problems because they specifically focus on resolving serious tax problems.

The are licensed by the IRS and have shown, through a series of IRS administered examinations, that they are competent and able to help taxpayers in distress. Moreover, EA’s must enroll in and successfully pass 72 hours of continuing education every three years. This means that, unlike attorneys and CPA’s, when you work with an EA, you know, at minimum, that they are up to date on their area of professed expertise. IRS Tax Relief Now, Inc. is a tax resolution firm with over 30 years of experience and an A rating on the BBB. Our Enrolled Agent, provides free consultations for taxpayers in distress.

Our focus is on understanding a taxpayers total tax problem before we recommend a course of action and before we ever ask for a service fee. What we have found in our experience is that too many “so called” tax relief firms over-promise and under-deliver. Without completely analyzing a potential client’s true tax situation, many other tax firms will promise to resolve the tax problem to a fraction of what is owed without ever understanding the entire tax issue. 

Consider some of the advertisements heard on radio and television. They promise to reduce your tax debt to a specific percentage or to obtain an “Offer in Compromise” for their clients. How can any tax professional promise results to a specific problem they have zero knowledge about?

If you have a tax problem and you are concerned about choosing the right professional, IRS Tax Relief Now, Inc. suggests stringly that you perform your own research, talk to attorneys, talk to CPA’s and talk to an Enrolled Agent. Listen to what they have to say and ask them specifically how long they have been focused on solving tax problems. If you feel comfortable with the answer, then ask about how billing works. Be aware that a billable hour structure can turn in to a situation you may be unable to afford.

Typically, tax attorneys bill by the hour. CPA’s and Enrolled Agents will typically bill via flat fee agreements and may also offer convenient payment programs. Choosing the best tax professional to help solve your case ultimately comes down to you.

You’ll need to talk to a number of providers of service and make your own decision. If you would like a free consultation from IRS Tax Relief Now, Inc, call us toll free at 888.332.8959. We will analyze your entire situation and prescribe a course of action to resolve your tax problem.