Beer Coolers At Football Games & Events

Where can you take a portable ice chest or beer cooler to nowadays? You can take a cooler tailgating at many places, but I am talking about actually inside the event. There used to be a lot of places years and years ago, but times have changed. Is it because of the MADD type of groups or is it really because the events want to make a huge profit by charging jacked up prices? And does banning beer coolers from inside stadiums really stop people from getting drunk?

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I don’t know of too many places you can actually take a beer cooler inside. I know you can’t do it anywhere around me. There are a few NASCAR tracks you can actually still take the coolers full of beer right in to your seat. Of course, they only allow certain size small bags inside, but still that is amazing that they allow it. I am big football fan, but I am getting into NASCAR more and more. I love how much they love America, and the prayer in the beginning, and of course all the loud cars. I have been to one race and it was a blast! I don’t think a cooler with beer is allowed in concerts. And I don’t know of any football stadiums that allow them either. There are some that allow you to bring in food and water though, which is nice. I have been to an outside play where you were allowed to bring your own wine or beverage of choice, which was really fun. Where are some places that you have been allowed to bring in beer?

I understand places want to make a profit, but didn’t they make a profit back in the old days when you were allowed to bring in a beer beverage cooler? I know my parents use to talk about the days when they would bring large coolers with tons of beer and food right into football games. And you could still buy beer from the concession stands. I think the stadiums still made a profit from selling alcohol back then. Plus, they are making a huge profit on the expensive tickets, which get more and more expensive every year. I think they just wanted to make more money. I am all for making money, but I think they are going a bit too far on the prices. There comes a point when it is too expensive and they make no profit at all. 


Beer Cooler Bans

Now, some people will try to sneak in a flask instead. And they can get their season tickets taken away if they get caught. And if the owners of the tickets give out the tickets to their friends and their friends try to sneak in a flask, then the owners still loose their season tickets, it doesn’t matter if the owners didn’t do it. So this discourages season ticket holders from giving away their tickets. So people are forced to get super drunk in the parking lot before they go inside, which is not good. Of course, not everybody gets super drunk. There are a lot of people that choose not to drink at all, because they don’t want to pay $10 for one beer inside, so they might as well abstain completely.

Banning a cooler with beer from inside the stadiums or concerts really does not help sales inside. I think they are loosing alcohol profits and that is one reason why they keep raising the beer price. Now, they may be banning coolers with beer because they want to keep people from getting too drunk, but as I mentioned before they are now drinking too much before the game to compensate. Plus, there will always be people who get too drunk, banning alcohol coolers from the game will not stop that. Again, I think it is because they just want to make more money and they are using the drunk issue as an excuse.

Now, I am not for getting drunk. As I have mentioned in a previous post, getting drunk is not good. Everybody should drink with complete self-control and not get drunk. However, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a couple drinks while watching a game. I just think that you should be able to bring in a few beers into an expensive event which you paid high prices for. The high prices at the event for a beer is unbelievable. I say go back to the old days where we had more freedoms in this great country. Heers to a beer cooler for ya!