Association for Human Rights Defense International (HRD thereafter) is a 501(c)3 charity incorporated in USA. It was created in 2000 on the base of few organizations had been pursued and eliminated by dictatorial regimes. That is why we formed our anew created charity outside of dictator’s countries. Because of USA actively supports a democracy and human rights at whole world, we had incorporated in this country.

Charitable protection of human rights is the main purpose of Association for Human Rights Defense International. From the date of incorporation, to present, HRD renders charitable legal assistance to the individuals, whose rights are affected. HRD protects their rights and freedoms on a charitable basis in the competent bodies, courts and administrations of any countries and territories at both national and international levels, as far as our organizational and financial abilities allow it. HRD render charitable help to the individuals in the preparation of predications, appeals, allegations, applications to the courts and other authority. HRD stands free against violations of rights of any individual, irrespective of his property, class or other position, political or other convictions, national or social origin, color of a skin, sex, language and religion, and race, as well as country of residence or presence.